Why Consign?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra income every month that could completely cover the water bill? By consigning with Revive you can easily make money from items that are just hanging in your closet, hiding at the back of a cupboard or cluttering your garage. At Revive we provide a great context for people to view your items.


Why try selling your items on the internet or at a yard/garage sale with all the work that entails when we could do the hard work for you? We price it, we display it in our beautiful showroom where nearly a thousand people each week come to shop. You will never have to worry about storing, displaying, securing, or selling your things again. We even have a free pick up service for high-quality furniture within a ten mile radius of the store.


If you sell items over the internet you often end up giving complete strangers your phone number, your address, and your email address. You then have to invite those people into your home. If you choose to consign with us, all people have to know is where we are. Thousands of people know that already and hundreds more discover us every week. Your privacy, meanwhile, remains intact.


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How to Consign?

We make the process of consigning as simple as possible. You can be incredibly successful at selling your items if you follow our simple guidelines. Find out how to consign furniture, clothes, home décor and other household items with us. Over 11,000 people have already consigned with us and you can too!

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Serving The Community

You may not realize it but when you shop or consign with Revive you are helping people who are either homeless or are facing issues related to homelessness in our community. Jubilee Church started Revive in 2007 with the desire to meet and serve the community.

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