How do I select in store pick up for my online order?

To select pick-up, you will first have to enter in your shipping address, then on the shipping page you can select either in store pick-up at either location or shipping.

What if what I buy doesn’t fit, can I return it?

No, due to our consignment process all sales are final. You could always re-consign it!

Can you hold an item if I want to see it in person?

All inventory is first come first serve, since our items listed online are also available for purchase in-store.

Can I use my store credit online?

No, this feature is not available for online purchases. 

Can I receive points from my online order?

Yes! When you pick-up your purchase there is a place for you to mark it in our pick-up log. If it is an order that is being shipped to you, please email us at shop@reviveconsignment. Please note that it can take 1-2 weeks for points from online orders to be added.

If I purchase with Sezzle/Shop Installments do I have to wait to pick-up my merchandise until it’s fully paid off?

No, you can pick-up once you receive a pick-up notification from us! When you buy with Sezzle/Shop Installments they pay us upfront, so you are able to take your item home, while you continue to make payments. 

What happens if I can’t pick up my furniture within 48hrs?

You will receive an email or phone call on the second day, giving you one last day to pick up. If the item isn’t picked up by the end of the 72hrs, then we will refund you minus a 20% restocking fee.  If you need assistance picking up your furniture, we do have a pamphlet with information for third-party services. 

I have a discount code and it’s not working, help!

It’s possible you may have an item in your cart from our sales collection. Online discounts don’t stack. If you need help figuring out which item it is, email us at or call either location & leave a message for the online coordinator.
smyrna 770-485-4335
woodstock 770-928-0128

Why did I get a refund for an item?

It could be because we noticed something conditionally wrong with the item that was not known prior, or we couldn’t locate an item on the shop floor.

Our online team works hard to find all the items from your order; however, unfortunately sometimes we are unable to locate an item on the shop floor. In this case we will issue you a refund as to not hold the rest of your order from being fulfilled.

Every item you see online is also available in store and sometimes it does take longer for an item to show up.

How can I find my wishlist?

Log into your account (or create a new account) by clicking the person icon on the top right of the website. Then click the heart icon at the top right of the page to see your wishlist.

I placed an order online & still have not received a notification, what should I do?

Check your email spam folder and if you still don’t see a email notification, email us at

How do I know if an item online is still available?

If an item has sold, it will say “sold out” in gray on the top left corner on the photo of the item. You can always refresh your page to confirm the information is still correct.

How can I get measurements for a furniture item I see online?

Scroll down to the description & there will be measurements for all furniture pieces (except for regular dining chairs).

Can I choose which location I can pick-up a furniture or decor piece?

Unfortunately, no, you must pick-up furniture and home decor at the store in which it's located. 

Every decor & furniture piece has the location in the title “Woodstock Pick-Up Only" or "Smyrna Pick-Up Only”