Furniture & home decor only available for in store pick up! Click here for shipping/pick up details.


2514 Cobb Parkway, Smyrna, GA 30080



shopping hours
mon-sat 11am-6pm

holiday hours
wed 11/25: 11am-6pm
thanksgiving day: closed

black friday 11/27: 11am-6pm

consignment hours
by appointment

furniture drop-off: mon-sat 11am-4pm

designer purse drop-off: mon-sat 11am-5:30pm

Please check back for updates on our consignment and store hours.

consignment item limitations

We are currently accepting all items for consignment.

current guidelines

currently accepting winter clothing (please see guidelines below)

accepting christmas decor
tuesday 10/6 - tuesday 12/8


We are now going through your consignment items at the time of your appointment.

  • Book an appointment for smyrna
  • We will look at 40 items per appointment, 20 of which can be clothing. We are currently accepting winter clothing (please see winter guidelines below).
    At the time of your scheduled appointment:
    • Place your items outside the back consignor door in the designated area and call to let us know you are here: 770-485-4553.
    • Your no-thank-you's will be returned to you. While you wait, please feel free to shop around the store until we call you back to return your no thank you items. You can also wait in your car. Please relocate your vehicle from the designated revive consignment parking spots in the back of the store.
    • All clothing needs to be brought in folded neatly or laid as flat as possible in a tote or a box (no bags or hangers).
    • Items should be seasonal (see list below), clean, and non-wrinkled with no wear or tear.
    • We select items based on style, fashion, condition, and salability. All clothing needs to be two years or newer.
    • All home décor and furniture must be clean and in good saleable condition.
    • Holiday items are discounted immediately following, or just before, the holiday.
    • Consignment changes for infant clothing 0-24m: now accepting multiple piece outfit sets, dresses, sleepers, rompers, outdoor jackets/coats, and swimwear. No longer accepting STAND ALONE PIECES: onesies, pants/jeans, shorts, overalls, shirts/tops, sweaters, hats, accessories, or fabric bibs.
    • See our how to videos for details on how to consign. 


    • No appointment is needed for furniture. You can drop off furniture curbside at the front of the store Monday - Saturday 11am - 4pm.

    designer items

    We accept designer purses, wristlets, and wallets!

    • No appointment is needed to consign your designer items
    • Consign your designer items in smyrna mon-sat 11am-5:30pm

      now accepting winter clothing

      • Pants, dresses, skirts, and long-sleeved shirts that are in winter weights & colors
      • Women’s short sleeve shirts as long as they are in winter colors and weight.
      • Turtlenecks 
      • Sweaters
      • Heavy coats (beginning Nov 1)
      • Polar fleece
      • Flannel
      • Wool
      • Velvet or velour
      • Corduroy
      • Fur
      • Heavy hats, heavy scarves & gloves (beginning Nov 1)
      • All boots including snow boots and those with fur
      • Dark shoes that have either a closed toe or heel (or both). Dressy/trendy/metallic “party” shoes are also ok in dark or festive colors
      • Purses in winter colors & material

      no longer accepting for winter

      • Capris (maybe exceptions for long wide w/boots)
      • Light-colored shoes. Shoes that have both an open toe and open heel (exception: dressy/trendy party sandals)
      • Spring and summer colored clothing
      • Lightweight scarves
      • Men’s short sleeve shirts except for trendy T-shirts
      • Lightweight jackets unless very trendy