9425 Hwy 92 Ste 136, Woodstock, GA 30188



Shopping hours
Mon-Sat: 11am-5pm

Consignment hours
by appointment

furniture drop-off Mon-Sat: 11am-4pm

Restore shopping hours
Mon-Sat 11am-5pm

Please check back for updates on our consignment and store hours.

walk in wednesdays

Starting Friday 5/8, we are temporarily only accepting consignments by appointment. Please check back for changes!

item limitations


current guidelines

We have opened more categories for consigning! Please read for important new information!

Hello, Consignors!

As you know, we recently started taking consignments again! We started slowly, at first only accepting clothing and shoes while we tested the Drop & Run appointment process. We are now ready to accept all our other categories as well! See below for more important details.

Appointment availability is likely to change often, so keep checking in. Also important to note, our appointments will be completely different than what you are used to. We are offering no-contact, drop & run appointments for our established consignors!

What is a No-Contact, Drop & Run Appointment? It is very different from our normal consigning, so please read this carefully and completely.

  • Book an appointment for woodstock
  • Book an appointment for smyrna
  • We will now be accepting new consignors also.
  • We are now accepting all categories of items and have returned to our usual quantities. This means 40 items total, 20 of which can be SUMMER clothing (please see SUMMER guidelines below).
  • Your no-thank-you's will not be returned to you so please be sure to follow all guidelines.
  • Put your items in a (non-returnable) disposable cardboard box or large paper bag marked with your name & phone number.
  • Place your items outside the back consignor door in the designated area and call to let us know you’ve dropped off your items. Woodstock: 770-928-0128 or Smyrna: 770-485-4553. If you are a new consignor, please let us know that when you call.
  • Fabric items will sit for 3 days. Hard surface items that are accessible and can be wiped with a sanitizing solution will be processed and go straight to the shop floor.


  • We have extended our hours for curbside furniture drop-offs to 11am - 4pm Monday through Saturday. No appointment needed.

designer purses

We are accepting designer purses, wristlets, and wallets again! 
  • As before, no appointment is needed 
  • Bring your designer item(s) in a paper bag or cardboard box clearly marked with your name and phone number.
  • Bring your bag/box in and let a team member know you are here. If you would prefer, you can stay curbside and call the store.
  • Be sure to let us know if you are a new consignor so we can get your information.
  • Your item(s) will sit untouched for 3 days before being processed. Unlike general consignment, we will call you if we cannot accept your item for some reason. To minimize our call-backs, please look at your item(s) very carefully and only bring it if it is authentic and completely clean and stain-free. 

now accepting summer clothing

  • Summer weights and colors (including purses)
  • Short Sleeve and Sleeveless Shirts and Dresses
  • Lightweight Pants
  • Lightweight Capris
  • Lightweight scarves, until 5/1
  • Shorts
  • Women’s shoes and sandals in summer colors (men’s dress shoes are taken year-round)
  • Dressy pumps in summer colors 
  • Summer flats & sneakers
  • Children’s and Men’s Bathing Suits
  • Women’s Bathing Suits that are in excellent condition [no single separates], until 6/14

no longer accepting for summer

  • Lightweight Jackets
  • Long Sleeve Shirts except for exceptional men’s dress shirts
  • Women’s dark colored or heavy weight jeans & pants
  • Any scarves after May 1st 
  • Any shorts after July 15th
  • Women’s bathing suits after June 14th