Join our revive resale rewards program!

how it works

    • Next time you shop in-store, sign up at the register with just your phone number!
    • Provide your phone number at the register each time you shop to earn points
    • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent
    • Reach 300 points, receive a $10 off coupon sent right to your phone!
    • Use up to 4 coupons per transaction per day
    • Coupons earned expire in 90 days (Subject to change. Please see your earned coupons in the app for expiration dates.)
    • Download the Resale Rewards app (see below) to see how many points and coupons you have, and to receive exclusive app only coupons!

    Already joined the rewards program in-stores? Download the app to track your points & coupons!

    apple app store

    google play store

    how to download the resale rewards app

    IMPORTANT: In order to log into the app, you must sign up for the rewards program AT THE REGISTER IN THE STORE first.

    1. Visit the apple app or google play store
    2. Download the app

    1. Enter your phone number used when you signed up
    2. Enter the password at the bottom of your receipt
    3. Follow the steps in app to create your own password
    4. Complete your profile information. Remember to add your birthday so you can receive special birthday coupons from revive!
    5. Now you can see your points and coupons, and receive other exclusive coupons & discounts!


    1. How do I join?
    It's easy! On your next store visit, simply provide your mobile phone number to the cashier when you make your first purchase. This will be your rewards ID. You will earn points on your first purchase!

    2. Why do I need to provide my mobile phone number?
    The phone number is your rewards ID and is used to track your purchases toward earning rewards. Don’t worry, we won’t call you or text you. The Resale Rewards App will alert you through a Push Notification when you've earned points.

    3. How do I download the app?
    Simply use an internet browser on your smartphone (like Google) and type in and you will be automatically redirected to your app store to download Resale Rewards. You can also go directly to the Apple App or Google Play stores, search Resale Rewards and download it there.

    4. Once I download the app…what should I do?
    Open the Resale Rewards App, go to PROFILE and enter your phone number and the ‘Initial Password’. Your initial password is provided to you by the store when you make your first purchase and printed on your purchase receipt. After you enter the initial password, create a personal password of your own and you are good to go!

    5. How do I know when I have earned a Resale Reward?
    The App will send you a push notification when you have earned a Resale Reward coupon. Also, check your MESSAGE CENTER for notices or go directly to MY STORES to check for available coupons.

    6. What other perks come with the Resale Rewards App?
    From time to time, we offer our revive rewards customers additional store offers, extra savings coupons. If you do not want to be notified, you can simply control your notifications settings right inside the App.

    7. I do not have a smartphone... can I still join?
    Of course. Customers that do not have a Smartphone can still participate in the rewards program by providing a 10-digit number to the cashier. Simply use the same number each time you make a purchase. Just keep in mind that we will not be able to notify you when you earn Revive Resale Rewards or send you any additional savings coupons.

    8. Do I need a special kind of smartphone?
    The Resale Rewards App is made available for both Apple iOS and Android phones. It is always best to ensure that your phone is running the newest version available. Minimum requirement for iOS is v.11 or higher and for Android, v.5.1 or higher.

    9. Do rewards ever expire?
    Most Resale Reward Coupons are valid for 90 days once it has been issued but check the coupon within the App to view the exact date. Future earned coupon expiration dates are subject to change.

    10. Do my points combine when I shop at both stores?
    Yes! You can shop at either our woodstock or smyrna store and your points will accumulate from your purchases at both stores.

    11. Can I redeem my coupons at either store location?

    Yes! You can redeem your coupons at either the woodstock or smyrna store location.

    12. Do my old rewards points transfer to the new resale rewards program?
    Good news! Your points accumulated from our old rewards program are transferrable! Once you sign up for the new Resale Rewards program, we can transfer your accumulated points from our old app to the new rewards program.

    Simply fill out the form below, provide us with the email you used for the old app, your new Resale Rewards ID, and we can look up your points and transfer them!

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